Unfair Mario 2 Unblocked

Unfair Mario 2 Unblocked is a challenging game that takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom. The goal of this game is to get as far as you can without getting caught by the goombas. It’s very similar to Super Mario Brothers, but there are many more obstacles and enemies for you to avoid or defeat.

Play Mario 2 Unblocked at school for free

Have you ever dreamed about playing the classic Super Mario Brothers video game at school? Well now you can play Unfair Mario 2 Unblocked, which is a new version of Super Mario. But this time, many obstacles have been added to make it harder to beat the game. The good news is that you don’t need to download anything since Unfair Mario 2 Unblocked can be played online!

See where you rank compared to other Unfair Mario 2 players

The best thing about playing an unfair version of Super Mario is that it has a high score table, and this makes it really fun to compete with friends to see who is the best player. So why not start playing Unfair Mario 2 Unblocked at school right now, and see whether you can make it to the top of the table?

How to play Unfair Mario 2 if you want to earn a high score.

In this game, the main goal is to keep Mario alive as long as possible and get him to the top of the table. Use your left and right arrow keys or A and D to move from side to side, and press up arrow key or W to jump. Also

Playing this game is really simple, just use your arrow keys or WASD keys to move Mario left and right, and to jump. If you hit a wall in Unfair Mario 2 you will die, so be careful not to run straight into the side of a cliff. Grab coins, mushrooms, and stars to help you complete the level.

Unfair Mario 2 is not an easy game, however; there are many more bad guys than normal Super Mario, including flying creatures that try to attack you from above. You also have less time before your play will end, so make sure you stay alive as long as possible if you want to get the highest score possible.

Unfair Mario 2 Controls

All in all this game is very fun and challenging. If you like Super Mario, you will love this game because it’s exactly like that but way harder. I highly recommend playing Unfair Mario 2 if you are looking for a new challenge or just wanting some simple amusement.

To play this game, you must go to the link and click the play button.


Unfair Mario 2 is a Super Mario clone, so it is definitely going to be fun for anyone who loves that sort of thing. The main difference between this game and other games in the genre is all of the obstacles. In this game being unfair is a good thing, because it provides a greater challenge.

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