Why The World Chooses Ireland For Studying Abroad?

Going to another country for studies does sound as an exciting venture. But with instances of racial and cultural differences coupled with communal isolation, the excitement fizzles out and evaporates in the form of anxiety and a sense of isolation. Going to an unfamiliar place is always nervous feeling, and if it’s for a considerable period of time, it seems like an uphill task. Trips and vacations can be managed and the fear factor is hardly existent as guides and agencies guide you through everything, but when a country is visited for academic purpose, a pall of distress does encompass most of the people. Going to another country to graduate sends chills down the spines of many people, and it’s only the value of that certification which motivates people to endure their fears. Be it a top University or a country with a remarkable education system, that fear cannot be expunged. But, there is one exception among all the countries of the world that calms down nerves and even sends a message of calm. Ireland is the most desired academic destination of the world for a reason.

Cultural tolerance 

The essence of Irish culture is signified by its characteristic of mixing up with others. They make you a part of their culture, accept yours and they manage to retain their independent identity with fluid effortlessly. Irish people have great pride in their identity and in no way do they characteristically feel challenged by the presence of another culture; they, in fact, enjoy it. This makes people belonging from different countries and apparently different cultures feel like home whilst surrounded by the adventurous Irish culture.

Safety –

Crime rates are negligible in this country. Ireland has the least crimes against women and also has an impressive record of crimes against non­natives. It also has negligible conflicts, be it civilian,communal or racial. Moreover, the Irish police are ranked as one of the top security forces in Europe, keeping crime of any sort at bay.

English acceptance –

Like the people in France speak French, the people in Ireland speak Irish. But, Ireland accepts English popularly and it is really easy to converse with an Irishman in English. The English acceptance works well with thousands of students because English is widely accepted as the official language of the world and many people converse in it as their second or third languages.This way, a massive communication barrier is swept aside and people from almost all countries of the world can feel comfortable without the language constraint.

Educational Brilliance –

Why go to Ireland at the first place? Of course, the education standards. Ireland houses the finest universities of the world and a degree or certification from these universities can add immeasurable value to a person’s profile. Ireland has the University College of Dublin, The Trinity College and Waterford Institute of Technology to name some of Europe’s best.

Fee & Scholarships –

The fees to be paid for entering the top universities in Ireland is comparatively lesser than other top educational destinations of the world. Moreover, there are numerous scholarships and entry tests that hand out education at minimal fees. The Academic Pride of East Africa

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